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6 Days | 6 Sessions | 12 Hrs. 

25th - 30th August, Wed to Mon

6-8 pm IST

Asttrolok, proudly presents to you the finest Vastu expert Dr. N H Sahasrabuddhe. This 6 days workshop will get you to understand & implement the various aspect of Vastu Shastra in your day-to-day life that will help you to transform your surrounding energies & amplify its positive effects. 

Dr. N H Sahasrabuddhe is the World Renowned Vastu Expert, Author, Practitioner, Trainer, & Consultant who has a tremendously successful portfolio in improving the ambiance of Homes, Workspaces & Lives with thousands of already benefited around the globe. 

Enlightening 1000s of  lives worldwide

Practitioner for 25+ years

Author of 16+ best selling Vastu books

8 Senses of Natural Healing

Develop a Vastu compliant space
Construction of beautiful and energy-rich living spaces
Identification of existing imbalances
Create peaceful ambiance
Financial gains reduced losses
Establish harmonious relationships

Revives mind, body, and soul

Rise higher in career

Why should you enroll for Vastu Workshop?

If you want to know basic guidelines to build a house.

If you want to get maximum positive energy for every field in life.

If you want to be surrounded by positive vibes at the place you live and work.

What would you choose?

Know Your Mentor

World Renowned Vastu Expert

Dr. N H Sahasrabuddhe 

Dr. N H Sahasrabuddhe completed his civil engineering at the College of Engineering Pune,
India (COEP) and completed his master’s in civil and structural engineering from the Indian Institute of Sciences (I.I.Sc) Bangalore, India. He has given an immense contribution to the Vaastu, Yog, and Jyotish shastra. Dr. N H Sahasrabuddhe’s strong foundation in the civil and structural engineering stream along with Indian ancient saints stated that the balancing of the five great elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Sky) will be possible with the help of oriental sciences will help to live life joyfully.

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My search for the best Vedic Institute ended at Asttrolok. The amount of knowledge and its simplistic delivery by the mentors here has been excellent.

Swagat Chakraborty

Teaching at Asttrolok is flawless and factual. You'll automatically develop the feeling of spirituality.

Mala Chatterjee

Asttrolok is the perfect place to get the knowledge that liberates.

Hemant Mudgal

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